Let’s chat about contract negotiations for a second. Between endless back-and-forth, multiple contract versions, and different software, contract negotiation can be a total pain in the butt.

We created PandaDoc to be an all-in-one contract solution for you and your business.

Before today, you could only create and send contracts for eSign in PandaDoc. If you needed to negotiate the contract, you would have to take it offline or use a third-party tool like Microsoft Word. This was both time-consuming and tedious, to say the least. That’s why we created Contract Negotiations in PandaDoc.

Contract Negotiations in PandaDoc eliminates the back-and-forth that slows the contract signing process. Now a single, collaborative workflow makes the buyer/seller relationship smoother and faster than ever.

With this feature, you can view, comment on, and accept changes to contracts in a single location. Creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. You’ll also be able to view the contract’s full redlining history, including tracking all the changes made and who was involved.

Negotiate better contracts right inside of  PandaDoc

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re negotiating a multi-year supply agreement with a prospect who’s switching over from a competitor. You roll out the red carpet for this prospect and want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You know this prospect will play hardball, so you decide to use PandaDoc for the entire contract lifecycle.

This way, both you and the prospect can make suggestions on terms and conditions without uploading and downloading multiple versions of the contract. Once you’ve come to an agreement, you just accept the changes and move on to signing.

Ready to improve the transparency of your negotiation and the efficiency of your sales cycle? Start using Contract Negotiations in PandaDoc today! Check out this helpful resource to get started or visit our landing page to learn more.