You asked, and PandaDoc delivered!

Wanting to add only a few products from Salesforce to the PandaDoc pricing table? Now you can!

Previously Salesforce users could only add ALL products, but we’ve simplified the process by giving you more options. Now you can customize your pricing tables with only the items you want.

With this integration, you can filter and set rules on which products you would like to bring from Salesforce into a specified pricing table.

Up your sales game and implement strategies for more successful pricing tables.

The new feature allows you to:

  • Add a higher pricing plan as a decoy
  • Only provide prices for the agreed-upon item or items
  • Remove lower priced items
  • Highlight upgrades or add ons
  • Create more than one pricing table in a single doc

Now your options are limitless!

This simplified flow from Salesforce will allow you to create more complex documents easily. No need to toggle between tools or cut and paste. The information integrates seamlessly between Salesforce and PandaDoc allowing you to customize with a click.

What are you waiting for! Give the new Salesforce Product Mapping a test run today.

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