Summer’s here and things are heating up at PandaDoc! The product team at PandaDoc knows how to get it done. Here are some recent highlights from all our hard work to make your lives easier.

Content usage reporting

Our new Content Usage Reporting feature tracks how often you and your team members use specific templates or content library items. By tracking what your team is using (and what they aren’t using), you can gain a better understanding of what content is performing the best.

Anytime someone creates a document from a template, or uses a content library item, PandaDoc will record it with a +1, so you can keep track. Clean out any content that isn’t being used, and focus on improving the most used content.

Available for Enterprise plans by request only. Visit our FAQ to learn more.

Saved messages

We’re all about reusing content so you can get stuff done faster. That’s why we’ve introduced Saved Messages. Just like our Content Library, you can now reuse the messages that you add for recipients. Create a list of saved messages and when you’re ready to send a document, select the ‘Saved Messages’ button from the ‘Send document’ dialog — it’s that simple.

Available for All plans.

Image library

At PandaDoc, we want your documents to really POP! That’s why we’ve always encouraged making your documents interactive through design elements — and now we’re introducing our Image Library. Think of it as your Content Library for images.

Now you and your team can easily use, reuse, and include images in all of your documents, without any hassle.

Available for Business & Enterprise plans.

New document themes

Our library of document themes is growing! We have 3 new, beautiful themes for you to use. If you’re in real estate, finance, legal or HR, check the ‘Kiosk’ theme! ‘Ampersand’ is designed especially for those who are in design, education, media, entertainment and ads.

Feeling futuristic? Give ‘Volt’ a spin.

Available for All plans.

Learning center

New to PandaDoc, or you just want to brush up on a feature? Now you can without ever leaving the app!

Just visit our new Learning Center to access videos that will help you get up and running. Looking for a personal walkthrough? You can easily join a webinar or request a one on one personal demo to get the inside scoop from our experts.

Stay tuned because we’re working hard on interactive tutorials to be added soon.

Available for All plans.

Recent CRM integrations updates

Close integration

This integration will allow you to create, send, and track quotes, proposals, and contracts directly within Close. You can start the document creation process from Opportunities and Lead objects within Close. Opportunity records with all of your custom fields and contact information will flow seamlessly into your documents.

Improved HubSpot CRM integration

We’ve improved our HubSpot CRM integration to now send updates to the Contact Event Tracker when a document is sent, viewed or completed. You can enable this 2-way sync in integration settings within PandaDoc.

Improved SalesforceIQ integration

Our Salesforce IQ integration now supports custom fields and we’ve added PandaDoc’s panel to Contacts and Accounts Lists so you can create documents from these objects too.

These integrations are available for All plans.

Catalog export

Now making large updates to your catalogs are easier than ever. Just export it from PandaDoc as a CSV file, make the necessary changes using Excel or Google Sheets and import it back into PandaDoc!

Catalog Export

Available for Professional, Business & Enterprise plans.

Renaming items in a list

Sometimes, it’s the small changes that make our lives easier — and that’s definitely the case with this update! Now you can rename documents, templates, or content library items directly from a list.

Renaming Items in a List

Available for Enterprise plans.

In-App product updates

We do our best to deliver a new product update every 2 weeks — and we want to make sure that you’re aware of all the exciting things that are happening. That’s why we’ve added a Product Updates feed directly in the app. We’ll be publishing all of the important changes, both big and small, so keep your eye on it!

In-app product updates

Available for All plans.

Have ideas on how to make PandaDoc even better for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!