Your customers have come to know and expect unique experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Your documents are no exception to this rule.

In fact, research indicates that a majority of consumers get frustrated when companies don’t deliver personalized interactions.

By tailoring experiences to your customers, you can build brand awareness and turn customers into raving fans.

We know that this isn’t always an easy task when you’re working across multiple tools to gather customer and deal data for your documents.

Our latest integration will help close this gap and automate document processes, so your teams can focus on building relationships.

With the all-new PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign integration, you can extend the powers of PandaDoc to ActiveCampaign triggers and completely automate document creation.

Let’s look at how you can use PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign to create an overall better experience for both customers and employees.

When a contact submits a form on your website → create a new document

According to research, most buyers expect a response within 10 minutes of submitting an inquiry.

You can use the PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign integration to speed up response times by automatically creating a document when a form is submitted.

You can use this trigger to pull information from your CRM and details provided by the prospective customer to prepare service quotes and estimates in a flash.

When a contract is signed → mark the deal record as complete in ActiveCampaign

Once a document is complete, you often need to review it and make updates to your CRM based on your customer’s selections in the document.

You can now use document status changes in PandaDoc to trigger these actions in ActiveCampaign.

Let’s use “contract is signed” as an example.

You can set up triggers that will mark a deal record as complete, update a contact record, or send a follow-up email with the next steps in the process based on the “signed” document status in PandaDoc.

PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign helps you spend less time building documents and more time focused on growing your business.

This integration allows you to:

  • automatically create stunning, tailor-made quotes, proposals, and contracts directly from ActiveCampaign account records
  • set up a trigger that creates new documents when a contact submits a form
  • use document status updates (i.e., opened, viewed, signed, complete) to trigger additional actions in ActiveCampaign

Ready to get started? Check out the helpful guide or visit our PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign landing page to learn more.