It’s officially summertime. The weather is warming up. And people are finally leaving their homes after being cooped up in the house for way too long.

Now that it’s safe for us to meet our colleagues IRL, we couldn’t think of a better time to take a road trip. What better way to get to know your new colleagues than to be stuck in a car with them for 16+ hours.

It’s no secret that sales, marketing, and the rest of the revenue team are full of big personalities with big responsibilities. So, if you want to plan the ultimate revenue road trip like Patrick & Travis in the clip above, you’ll want to create a delicate balance between dominant and reserved personalities to avoid turning the trip into an episode of the Jersey Shore.

Here are the personalities you should consider inviting on your cross-country road trip.

Architect (the driver)

Let’s start with the architect. We think this personality best fits with a RevOps manager. You’ll see why in a second.

The architect is sharp, resourceful, and will stop at no cost to win. They’re not fans of BS, and by all accounts, this person has a single-minded drive. If you somehow convince this person to take a 16+ hour road trip with their co-workers, be sure to provide an unlimited supply of coffee.

In the real world, the RevOps Manager crafts a game plan for driving revenue. They have one goal in mind on this road trip, arriving at the destination ahead of the GPS’s ETA. So, buckle your seat belts because RevOps has seen one too many Fast and Furious movies.

Commander (co-pilot with road rage)

What would a road trip be without a co-pilot (aka the Commander)? The commander is best described as a dominant, sometimes overbearing individual with a powerful intellect. This powerhouse force is the Demand Gen team.

If you’re unfamiliar with Demand Gen, just know they get sh*t done. Demand Gen will optimize the road trip to make sure we arrive ahead of schedule with mapped-out pit stops along the way. And if the passengers don’t annoy this person too much, they’ll even finesse the RevOps Manager into taking the scenic route.

Entertainer (DJ & karaoke MC)

Now that we’re smooth sailing to our destination let’s talk about the passengers. First up, we have the entertainer. This person loves to be the center of attention and will stop at nothing to make sure everyone is having fun.

This person is known for their theatrics and is one song and dance away from winning a Tony award. We think it goes without saying that this is the one sales rep that agreed to take a break from the hustle and bustle of sales.

It’s been a while since this sales rep has been out, so get ready for the car to turn into a karaoke bar. They’ve crafted a killer road trip playlist mixed with classics from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC along with viral hits like Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo.

Protagonist (snack provider)

Up next, we have the protagonist. The protagonist, or as we like to call it, the Customer Success team, is likable, inspirational, and on a mission to make sure everyone is happy throughout the trip.

The CS team came equipped with everything you would need to survive a road trip, including universal chargers, Advil, headphones, and books.

Not to mention, they took it upon themselves to gather intel on everyone’s snack and food preferences.

Adventurer (wannabe social media influencer)

Let’s get to the people who suggested this trip in the first place, the adventurers.

The adventurers are your content marketers. They’re passionate experimenters and artists who love living life in color. Don’t bank on them to do any heavy lifting on the trip because they’ll be too busy documenting the entire trip in real-time on social media. Seriously, expect them to go live on Facebook multiple times throughout the trip with a “Ask Me Anything” Q&A.

They’ll also ensure that Demand Gen and RevOps don’t skip over any Instagrammable spots during the drive, even if it puts the trip behind schedule.

It’s believed that a road trip is the ultimate test of a personal and professional relationship. Do you think you could survive a road trip with your revenue team?

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