If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to control the things we can especially when all else goes way out of control.

Thankfully, this new feature we’re introducing today makes it easy for you to never have to worry about who is in control of your documents.

Introducing our newest feature: transfer ownership

Transfer ownership allows you to accelerate your processes by making it easier to track your team’s tasks around documents and seamlessly change ownership of documents whenever you’d like or out of necessity.

This new feature simplifies your sales workflow by practically eliminating management chaos and streamlines your team collaboration process too.

Did you have a colleague unexpectedly quit? Or perhaps it’s a holiday weekend and you need access to an important document? Transfer ownership to the rescue!

All you have to do is just re-assign the documents between responsible team members or to yourself in just one click.

In addition to document ownership, any other settings or permissions that were attached to that document migrate to the new owner too so you can get back to work with little to no delay.

We love this feature because it also fosters collaboration. Everyone can work together on a single document at any given time and the feature helps makes it super clear who owns a project or who is responsible for getting the work done.

This feature is available for all plans

The ability to transfer ownership of documents is available for all plans on our Editor 2.0, including Free eSign. For more details, check out this Help Center article. Give it a try!